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Posted on March 23, 2008
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There are some terrible myths out there concerning Search Engine Optimisation and how you host your web sites.

In this day and age and in particular with Multiple Domain Web Hosting Packages, webmasters often find it more feasible to host all of their web sites in one place. It makes sense financially and it makes sense from an administrative point of view, one log in and one place to edit, upload and manage the hosting itself.

Also, in the shared hosting environment, large web hosting providers can have as many as 15,000 web sites on one IP address (run a reverse IP tool on your site’s IP address to find out how many sites are hosted on it).

Google does not penalise sites for being hosted on the same IP, it just would not make any sense at all. In fact, Matt Cutt’s (Mr. Google to the SEO world) says it is nothing to worry about, but what you should be worried about is unique content which has value. See Matt Cutts’ answer to multiple sites on one IP address.

So, you are safe to host as many sites as you need to on one hosting account, but if they don’t carry unique content which is of value, then you are wasting your web space and time as you will eventually get penalised especially by Google who have complex algorithms which they use in determining placement in their search results.


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