Nationwide Bank Website Down

Posted on August 1, 2012
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Nationwide’s online banking site has been suffering multiple outages today

The website is intermittently available or offline, the outages are not even accompanied by any error message indicating a server blackout or DNS issue.

The bank has tweeted in response to Twitter users, indicating that there had been an issue but the site should be back up.

Paypal Topup Card problems

Posted on September 29, 2010
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As RBS clawed their way back into usual operations after suffering ‘technical issues‘ earlier this month, they are under pressure from clients as they suffer yet another issue with their pre-paid Visa card service, the Paypal Topup Card.

It was only a few weeks ago now that the Royal Bank of Scotland, who provides the Paypal Topup Card to Paypal clients, had some ‘technical issue’ which caused an excessive delay in payments made from customers’ Paypal accounts showing up on their card as available funds. Whilst it usually only takes around 24 hours (the quickest way to get cash from your Paypal account), clients who had made payments from their Paypal accounts on the Sunday had still not received the funds on their cards by the end of the Monday.

Now its happened again, payments sent from paypal accounts on this Sunday (27th September 2010) have still not been applied to the respective clients’ Paypal Topup Cards.

Reasons cited include things like, its Paypal’s fault, they have not provided the list of payments so we cannot apply them, or … its a technical issue. Funnily enough, one Paypal Topup Card telephone operator said yesterday that it is expected to be resolved by 8pm today (Monday), guess what time they close the customer service phone lines 🙂

Talking from experience in Banking, and knowing a little about where and how the payments service for the Paypal   Card is operated, I actually believe that there is some staffing/data input issue at the Royal Bank of Scotland’s payment processing centre in Milton Keynes. I’m more inclined to lean that way in thought as well given their decision last month (August 2010) to no longer accept any new applications for the Paypal Topup Card. That decision was accompanied by the decision to stop asking existing card holders if they would like to renew their expiring cards but to automatically issue a new and replacement card anyway.

It seems as though the user base for the Paypal Top up Card is bigger than they may have the resources to handle already.




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