Asda Smart Price and Tesco Value Bottled Water is Tap Water

Posted on August 17, 2012
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Supermarket cheap Bottled Water is actually tap water

According to what we have just heard on Sky News’ News Paper Review, The Mail is publishing a feature article tomorrow which claims that Asda’s Smart Price Bottled Water and Tesco’s Value Bottled Water are simply bottled tap water.

According to some, Asda states on the bottle that it is simply still water, no mention is made of spring water whilst Tesco quote the ‘Ingredients’ as (… wait for it …) water, perhaps it is not actually lying about the content?

Asda Smart Price Still Water and Tesco Everyday Value Still Water are both available in 2 litre bottles at just 17pence seems a very good deal but when you consider the costs of tap water it does seem like an incredible profit is being made by the supermarkets. One water supplier quotes “We each use 160 litres of water per day for an average cost of just 56 pence. Less than the cost of just one litre of bottled water.“. Pretty astounding actually because that is about 0.35pence per litre, still less than 1 pence for 2 litres. Maybe we are in the wrong business!


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