Webdisk opens with notepad – how to get it to work properly

Posted on April 7, 2008
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The cPanel Webdisk offer a Windows Explorer like method to manage your site files.

To use the application you need to click on the Webdisk icon in your control panel and follow the instructions. Once downloaded some users find that double clicking on the Webdisk icon on their computer opens it with Notepad instead of running the application as expected. This is due an incorrect file association setting, this can be remedied as follows …

1. Go to Control Panel and click on Folder Options

2. In the Folder Options window, click on the File Types tab

3. Scroll down the list of Extensions until you reach VBS and click once on it to highlight it in the list

4. click the Advanced button and an Edit File Type window will open

5. In the Actions list click once on Open to highlight it …

Edit file type window in Windows XP










 6. Click the Edit button and a window called Editing action for type: VBScript Script File will open

7. In the box called Action: enter the following – &Open

8. In the box called Application used to perform action: enter the following – C:\WINDOWS\System32\WScript.exe “%1” %*

9. Put a tick in the check box called Use DDE

10. Leave the entry box called DDE Message: completely empty

11. In the entry box called Application: enter the following – WScript

12. Leave the entry box called DDE Application Not Running: completely empty

13. In the entry box called Topic: enter the following – System

14. The window should now look like this …

Editing action for type VBScript Script File












14. All done now click the OK button

15. In the Edit File Type window click the OK button

16. In the Folder Options window click the OK button to save these changes

17. Your vbs file will now run as it should.





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