What is Web Hosting?

Posted on October 31, 2007
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Web Hosting involves storing web site files on a computer specifically designed to deliver those to world-wide-web (WWW) users around the world via the Internet.

Web servers are normally located in secured and climate controlled buildings called Data Centres, these places also include dedicated service personnel who maintain equipment (such as the computers and components and routers which feed into the Internet), services (such as fibre optic network connections) and software (such as web server software and firewalls) as per their arrangements with their customers (the web hosting providers).

Web servers are very similar to the desk top personal computers most of us use on a daily basis, except that these machines are totally dedicated to serving web sites to the worldwide web, and of-course they are used to upload and manage web site files. They have CPUs, memory, hard drives and motherboards just like your PC does, the combination of components is usually constructed to provide the most efficient method of delivering web sites to visitors though. The machines can use a variety of Operating Systems (such as Windows or CentOS/Linux) and web server software (such as Apache).

Web Hosts are those individuals and companies that provide the use of these machines to users who will store their web sites on them. Web hosts usually offer many different web hosting plans to cater for different requirements.

Webmasters are those who create, develop and maintain web sites. They upload and store the web site files onto the web servers where they get delivered to the world via the Internet.

It should be noted that there are more specific types of hosting aimed at certain market sectors, such as Blog and Image hosting which aims to provide a service with quite a narrow profile. Web site hosting can be used for any of those specific sectors though and therefore offer a much more flexible and expansive means to deliver the webmaster’s message to the world.


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PHP Web Hosting

Posted on October 31, 2007
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This is our section dealing with tutorials and guides on writing and implementing good PHP code. Learn and contribute to this fascinating subject. PHP has become one of the webmasters greatest tools in achieving steamlined, automated and detailed web site solutions. Most web site scripts are written in PHP using MySQL, its an incredibly versatile programming tool and invaluable in web site building.

Welcome to the hostmaster’s blog

Posted on October 30, 2007
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Welcome to the Everyman Hosting Blog, which aims to deliver a wide range of web hosting tutorials and guides on the very many aspects of web design, development, coding and deployment.

Over the coming weeks and indeed months, we will be publishing articles to help webmasters at all levels of experience. We hope that our readers will participate and endeavour to contribute to our articles so that we can all learn more.

Those wishing to participate can do so by first registering. Simply use the Login link (bottom right of page) and click on the register link from the log in page.

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