Pingdom Service Alerts issues

Posted on June 21, 2011
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Since around 19:35 Pingdom (the server/website monitoring service which took over from Paesslar earlier this year) is reported to be having hardware issues and is subsequently sending false positive site/server down emails to it’s users.

According to some users on Twitter, alerts are being dated as far back as up to 41 years ago (1970).

Pingdom posted on Twitter themselves at 20:22 saying “If your site was down anytime the last few hours, you will get delayed alerts now. Some timestamps may be incorrect though. 🙁 Very sorry.” The troubles seem to have begun 5 hours earlier though, Pingdom posted “Our site is currently unreachable. Working on fixing it asap. Thank you for your patience. Monitoring continues regardless, though.” on Twitter, followed by “Hardware failure at our main datacenter so our site is unreachable. We’re working on it. Monitoring continues, so no data will be lost.”

On checking a server report ourselves we found that the service had falsely reported the server as ‘Down’ which does not do well for any uptime report that pingdom produces, it will be ‘in a nutshell’ and in some cases ‘wildly’ inaccurate. Meanwhile, Pingdom have been responding to Twitter users, who have been raising the issue with them on Twitter, with the message “Sorry about that. Explanation reg. alerts (not false, but bad timestamp): ” Sorry Pingdom but we have been seeing false alerts, just like the rest of your users.

Apart from the inaccurate uptime reports, some are reporting that the automated SMS alerts have cost them $$$

The thick plottens :s


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